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LS Fabrication Classic Chevy / GMC Truck Cup Holder Installation

It goes without question, people love their classic trucks because of their style and overall design. However, there’s a major issue that many people face with their classic trucks; a lack of cup holders. Luckily, here at LS Fabrication, we have designed a bolt-on cup holder for classic GMC / Chevy trucks from 1947-1987. Here are some benefits of cup holders and why you should consider getting one for your Chevy truck.

Why You Need Truck Cup Holders

Let’s be honest, at one point or another people will end up having water, pop, or some sort of beverage and wish they had a cup holder in their classic truck. They don’t realize the inconvenience of not having one until they buy drinks and then they don’t have anywhere to put them. So, while you may like to drive your GMC or Chevrolet classic truck, you will likely enjoy it a lot more with an easy to install bolt in the cupholder. 

LS Fabrication offers cup holders so you can easily store your drinks in your truck. After all, if you don’t have cup holders, it will be difficult to have drinks in your vehicle. None of the Advance Design Era, Task Force Era, C10, or Squarebody trucks included cup holders from the factory.

If you don’t have cup holders, then you either end up trying to hold your beverage between your legs or need a passenger to carry them. This is extremely inconvenient and you don’t always have a passenger so having a Cup Holder from LS Fabrication for your Chevy / GMC will make your classic truck much more enjoyable to drive.

Cup holders

The Biggest Benefits of Chevy Cup Holders

There are other options for cup holders on the market but none as economic and easy to install as the LS Fabrication Cup Holders. Starting at just $59.99 and mounting using factory bolt holes already in your dash, it couldn’t be any easier. A phillips screwdriver is all that required and we provide nice new stainless steel hardware as well. There are 3 variations of the cup holder available as well. The “Double Barrel Cup Holder” comes with two cupholders, the “Triple Barrel Cup Holder” has three cups and our “Turkey” Cup Holder comes with one regular cup and an oversized cup for those with larger beverage sizes. We have also just recently added rubber rings and cup bottoms to all of our cup holders. This eliminated the possibility of rattling sounds coming from the cups or the content in the cups like spare change. See below for instructions and just how easy it really is. 

Installing Your Truck Cup Holders

If you own a GMC Chevy truck from 1947-1987, then your truck didn’t come with cup holders from the factory. Luckily, you can install LS Fabrication cup holders very easily using factory bolt holes already in your dash. 

Here are some steps for installing our LS Fabrication cup holders:

  • Open the packaging and verify the mounting plate, cups, and required hardware are included.
  • Take the cups out of your cup holder and remove the plastic covers.
  • Insert the cups into the stainless steel holder and push firmly into place. 
  • Locate the mounting holes on the bottom of the dash. In 1973-1987, unscrew the screws at the bottom of your ashtray and use provided hardware to install cup holders. 
  • Place the cup holder on the bottom of the dash and put the screws in and tighten. 

And that’s it, you are now ready to enjoy your classic truck cup holders. For the 1973-1987, even though the cup holders are installed under the bottom of the ashtray, you’ll still be able to use your ashtray and 12-volt cigarette lighter.

Keep in mind that the steps may vary depending on variations to your specific truck and any customization that may have been done. These cup holders stick our roughly 7.5” from the dash so if you have a manual transmission, make sure you cup holder isn’t going to interfere with your shift in first, third or fifth gear, 

Cup Holders

Keep Compatibility in Mind

Our LS Fabrication cup holders come in multiple different styles and cover multiple eras of GMC / Chevrolet trucks. From 1947-1954 Advance Design Era all the way to 1973-1987 Squarebody C10s, we offer a cup holder for all years. We have a two-cup Cup Holder, a three-cup Cup Holder, and a small/large cup holder available.

Be sure to pick the design that best fits your requirements and make sure you pick the proper era holder. Although the design looks the same for all years of a classic truck, they have a different shape and break in them for mounting properly to the different dashes. 

Getting Started With Your Chevy Cup Holders

Once you have your cup holders securely in place, you are ready to grab a soda and hit the road. No more driving with a drink between your legs or having your passenger hold your drink for you. Just place it is your nice stainless steel LS Fab Cup Holder and away you go. 

If you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to reach out to us here at LS Fabrication. We are here to help with your install or with any questions you might have. Check out all our premium classic truck parts on our website at


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