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Scissor Hinge for Chevy Truck Installation Tips & Tricks

First off, congratulations on the purchase of your LS FAB Universal Scissor Hinges and thank you for your order and support! We put this little list together to help you have the best chance of success with your hinges and learn from our experiences.

  • ★ There is a left and right hinge. The direction of the bolt heads and assembly of the hinges are different from passenger side to driver side. We recommend bolts heads facing outward of the box. This also makes the LS appear in the proper direction.
  • ★ Tighten or loosen each of the bolts to the desired function of the hinge. If your gas struts are overpowered, you can tighten the bolts a bit to help slow the opening of the tilt bed down. Don’t over tighten them though as it can prematurely wear the bushing out and they won’t operate smoothly.
  • ★ When mounting, don’t have more than 4-5” of overhang ahead of (past the front) of the hinge. These are designed to mount as close to the front as possible to keep everything tight. If you have more than that amount of overhang the floor can contact or drag when opening.
  • ★ Hinges need to be mounted at 90 degrees when the bed is fully closed. They can close past 90 but that is not how they are intended to be used. At bottom they should be nice and straight and at 90 degrees.  
  • ★ If disassembling the hinges for paint or powder coat, take lots of good assembled photos of each hinge. They are different from the passenger side to driver side.
  • ★ If powder coating, do so with some spare 3/8” hardware in the holes as the tolerances are super tight to the hardware and if powder coat gets in the hardware holes, they may not fit the 3/8” bolts.
  • ★ If you have any issues at all, reach out to us! If you happen to melt the bushing or run into any troubles, we are here to try and help you or get you replacement pieces! Good luck with your install and thanks again for your order and support!


For any questions or concerns with your install, don’t hesitate to email us at [email protected]


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