Hood Strut Kit – 47-54 GMC / Chevy Truck

Hood Strut Kit – 47-54 GMC / Chevy Truck


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Upgrade your factory hood springs on your Advance Design 3100 truck to a more modern and functional product - the LS Fab Hood strut kit. This hood strut kit eliminates the factory springs that can cause issues while aligning and mounting. These hood shocks also provide rigidity and support to the hood and function much smoother than the factory springs. Moreover, these shocks dampen the opening and closing of your hood more effectively than the outdated factory coil spring option.

Our Hood Strut Kit Includes:

  • ★ (2) Firewall Stainless Steel Mounting Brackets
  • ★ (2) Hood 5"  Stainless Steel Mounting Brackets
  • ★ (2) Heavy duty  sealed bearing gas struts
  • ★ (4) 5/16" Gas strut ball studs
  • ★ All required mounting hardware (Including our NEW Ultra Low Profile Hood Mount Bolts)

The LS Fab Hood Strut Kit comes with laser cut and precision formed mounting brackets for the firewall and hood. In addition, The firewall brackets mount directly to the factory hood spring holes with the stainless steel button head hardware provided. We also had ultra low profile stainless steel hood strut bracket bolts made to eliminate the chance of rubbing on your fenders.

Tips for Installing Advance Design Hood Strut

Hood Strut Installation Hood Strut Installation
  • ★ Firstly, The 5" hood bracket requires two 1/4" holes to be drilled in the hood edge for mounting. It is recommended that the first mounting hole to be 5.75" forward of the rear hood bumper rubber.
  • ★ Secondly, The second hole will be 5" on center from the first hole towards the front of the truck.
  • ★ The firewall bracket bolts directly to the factory spring bolt location on the firewall with supplied hardware.
  • ★ Lastly, Mount the ball stud on the outside of the firewall bracket so that the strut is mounted on the fender side of the bracket. Refer to product photos.

The Hood Strut Kits are designed for factory hoods and have not been tested with aftermarket or fiberglass hoods. Be aware that the strut strength may be too much or not enough if using a non stock hood. Adjustment of the hinges and latch may be required depending on your prior setup before installing the strut kit. In addition, if you did not have factory style spring previously on the hood, there is a good chance the hood will need to be adjusted and aligned after install. Also, please see install video below for assistance during your install.


If you are doing work under your hood, be sure to check out our custom bead rolled firewalls and our bead rolled kick panels! We also offer plenty more custom 47-54 Chevy Truck parts and accessories!

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41 reviews for Hood Strut Kit – 47-54 GMC / Chevy Truck

  1. Clay herron (verified owner)

    5 stars from me. Easy install, quality parts, and works like it should. Even solved some of my hood alignment issues caused by the old springs.

  2. Cody Hammer (verified owner)

    5 stars here in Texas. Price is great compared to other kits. Quality is great. Installation was pretty simple. Only thing, and it’s nothing to do with the kit, I called LS for advice. If your hinge is worn out you’ll have some trouble with the rear of the hood. But that was simple enough as well

  3. Jim Masi

    Great product. Extremely easy install, great instructions and hood fit was great. Highly recommend, great product for the price.

    • Kris Hauser

      Thank you again for your support. Glad you are happy with the product!

  4. Wayne Johnson (verified owner)

    Easy peasy install and my hood fits better than old stock springs

  5. Isaac Sharon (verified owner)

    5 stars , as a weekend mechanic the installation of these hood struts was a easy and well needed upgrade. I would say it took less then a hour from beginning to end. The struts even realigned my hood for a better gap. The quality of al the parts was very high, for the very low price compared to other brands. The video was easy to follow and made for a great guide to complete the installation. I would recommend this product and by it again with out hesitation. LS Fab is the real deal

  6. Pat Jobin

    I love the struts it’s easy install in an hour or less .
    J’aime les struts installation en moin d’une heure.

  7. Jean-François (verified owner)

    Great product instruction are very clear. Goes on easy and fast . Quality is top notch!!

    Thanks again

  8. Ronald M. (verified owner)

    Just installed on my 1954 chevy pickup, worked out great only had to adjust my hinges a little to make the hood close properly.

  9. Joseph Hutchinson (verified owner)

    Love the product however, it changed me hood alignment to an unacceptable gap. I have removed the cylinders & probably won’t be using them. Very disappointed that I wasted $165.

    • Kris Hauser (verified owner)

      Joseph, Sorry to hear that. As noted in the description, that can happen on some trucks and we noted that the hood may need to be aligned in the description on the product listing. If you want to reach out and give us a call or email us, we can help walk you through how to align the hood.

  10. Doug Gilchrist (verified owner)


  11. David (verified owner)

  12. Michael Sehorn (verified owner)

  13. RAFAEL P. (verified owner)

    This item works great, not need to spends Hundreds of dollars when this struts handle the weight and open my 55 First Edition hood rapidly. Thank You for all the hard work you placed on this parts..

  14. Phil M. (verified owner)

    Hi, I did have an issue with the brackets, but Kris was quick to respond, and get replacements out. Now installed I couldn’t be happier! I am getting asked where to get them at most of our local car meets. Cheers Phil

  15. Walter Malley (verified owner)

    Look great, haven’t installed yet

  16. Trevor (verified owner)

  17. Terry P. (verified owner)

    We’ll made and look amazing. Shipping took a bit longer than expected!

  18. Jeff Gillies (verified owner)

    Very simple install, modernized the appearance under the hood and works perfectly. I would purchase this kit for my next build. Thanks to the boys at LS ,great product…

  19. Gage Brown (verified owner)

  20. Reegan O’keefe (verified owner)

    Awesome Product!

  21. Matthew Malloy (verified owner)

    I like the product but there was no paperwork included at all. No pack slip no sticker no qr code for instructions

  22. John L. (verified owner)

    Great product !

  23. johnny (verified owner)

    Great Price! Easy Install Well Made Fast shipping To U.S.A CA. Will Defiantly Buy Again.

  24. Charley Reed (verified owner)

    I had a little trouble with the fitment wanting to raise the rear of the hood. I emailed them , within 15 minutes Kris responded with advice on how to correct the problem. I followed his advice, and it worked awesome. These guys make a quality product, and I would highly recommend them to anyone . thanks for the help guys.

  25. Leo B. (verified owner)

  26. John Ginn (verified owner)

    Parts look great

  27. Andrew (verified owner)

  28. Jere Nash (verified owner)

  29. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Quality construction, good instructional video

  30. Robert Andrew (verified owner)

    As is always the case with your products, your hood struts are well engineered!

  31. Spencer Jarrett (verified owner)

    I have not installed as yet as my truck is still in the build stage. I am very happy with the my hood strut kit.👍

  32. Scott Kendig (verified owner)

  33. Milt P. (verified owner)

    Service was great. Parts are as described. Only problem the struts are to strong and push the hood ahead and out of alignment so unfortunately had to remove them.

  34. Laura G. (verified owner)

  35. GARY M JONES (verified owner)

  36. Carter Clements (verified owner)

    Nice quality and ease of application

  37. Fred (verified owner)

    look great

  38. Dana Devlin (verified owner)

    Nice parts!

  39. Gabriel Guzman (verified owner)

  40. Steven M. (verified owner)

    Haven’t installed yet, but looks like a quality product

  41. Casey D. (verified owner)

    First class products from first class people. Always very helpful. I have bought dash, scissor hinges, actuators, and hood strut kit. Very happy with all products!

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