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Top 10 LS Fabrication Products for 1988-1998 OBS Chevy/GMC Trucks

So you’re a proud owner of a 1988-1998 OBS Chevy/GMC truck? That’s amazing! You must be looking out for ways to enhance your vehicle’s performance, features, and aesthetics to stand out from the rest of the trucks on the road. Look no further; we’ve got you covered with ten of the best products from LS Fabrication for your OBS truck! These products are guaranteed to upgrade your truck a great deal, so let’s dive right in.

  1. Tailgate Saver Shock (Strut) for OBS Trucks – Are you tired of having your tailgate slam shut when loading or unloading? The Tailgate Saver Shock from LS Fabrication is the perfect solution. It prevents your tailgate from slamming and provides a safe, smooth, and easy lifting and lowering experience.
    obs truck tailgate saver shock strut installed
  2. Billet Shift Lever– The Billet Shift Lever from LS Fabrication is affordable and straightforward to install. It replaces your old, worn-out shift lever, and gives you a stylish and unique look that you’ll be proud of. Plus, it’s constructed with high-grade billet aluminum for long-lasting durability.

  3. Billet Door Strikers – 88-98 GMC Chevy Truck – Do you hate that annoying door rattle? The Billet Door Strikers from LS Fabrication aren’t just a stylish accessory for your truck, but they also solve this frustrating issue. They are precisely machined to the OEM specs, making them a perfect fit and providing a satisfying thud when the door is closed.
  4. Billet Shorty Antenna – Are you tired of having a long antenna that gets in the way of low-clearance spaces? The Billet Shorty Antenna from LS Fabrication is your answer! It’s made with high-quality billet aluminum that’s machined to the perfect length for your truck.
    Billet Shorty Antenna (Universal M6x1.0 Thread)
  5. Inner Fender Fillers for OBS Trucks– LS Fabrication’s Inner Fender Fillers upgrade the factory gaps between the inner fenders and your truck’s bed. They provide a cleaner and more professional look and prevent debris from entering your engine bay. The fillers come ready to install with all required hardware and are compatible with most suspension setups.
    88 98 inner fender filler chevy truck
  6. Billet Grab Handle – The Billet Grab Handle from LS Fabrication adds a touch of style and sophistication to your truck’s interior. It’s built with high-quality billet aluminum and designed to provide a sturdy and comfortable grip for getting in and out of your truck.
  7. Billet Column Tilt Lever – LS Fabrication’s Billet Column Tilt Lever is the perfect replacement for your worn-out factory tilt lever. It’s straightforward to install, made with high-quality billet aluminum, and offers a comfortable grip and smooth operation.
    Chevy OBS 1995-99, Billet Column Tilt Lever installed
  8. Billet Door Jamb Vents– The Billet Door Jamb Vents provide a stylish upgrade to the factory door jamb assembly. They fit precisely and are made with high-quality billet aluminum that guarantees durability, longevity, and enhanced aesthetics.
    88-98 gm chevy truck OBS Door Jam Vent-machine finished installed
  9. Billet Head Light Knob – The Billet Head Light Knob from LS Fabrication is an excellent upgrade for your headlight switch. It’s made with high-quality billet aluminum and installs in minutes. Plus, it gives your truck’s cockpit a sleek and sophisticated look.
    Billet Head Light Knob - Chevy OBS Truck 1995-99
  10. Billet Glove Box Button – Sometimes it’s the little details that really make a difference. Case in point: LS Fabrication’s Billet Glove Box Button. This small upgrade adds a touch of class to your truck’s interior and replaces that plain and faded stock button.
    Billet-Glove-Box-Button-for-Chevy-OBS-1995-99 6

Customizing your 1988-1998 OBS Chevy/GMC truck is a labor of love. That’s why LS Fabrication’s custom parts are the perfect solution: they’re practical, stylish, and engineered specifically for your truck. From the Tailgate Saver Shock to the Billet Head Light Knob, each of these top ten LS Fabrication products will effortlessly elevate your ride to the next level. So go ahead and take your truck from ordinary to extraordinary with these top-rated OBS truck upgrades.


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